Wedding Bells and Luggage Tags….

We attended a wedding this month of a Nurse that was one of a special group that took care of me while I battled Leukemia in 2007. She and her new husband are going to Hawaii on their honeymoon so I purchased a couple of travel books about the “Big Island” for them. I then incorporated Studio Meringue luggage tags into my gift wrapping!

Luggage Tags
Luggage Tags incorporated into the wrapping of my gift to Amber. Plus my signature touch of twine tied Lavendar.
Close up gift
Another view....


Half the fun of giving a gift is wrapping it!!

Vintage Roost “Summertime Lawn Sale”

The Vintage Roost

is getting a jump start on Summer this year and having their

Summertime Lawn Sale in June for one long weekend!

June 28th, 29th & 30th, Thursday – Saturday, 10:00-5:00 daily

This Vintage Roost show is just as wonderful as all of the others, except for the special fact that this one is full of sales. In addition to marked down sale items, crafters bring unfinished projects, not so collectible collections that they don’t want to collect anymore and just plain funky stuff!

So, I hope you make it out to The Roost to visit, shop, meet up with friends and have fun!

Vintage Roost is located in the picturesque countryside of No. Albany, 935 NW Scenic Dr., 1/2 mile off Highway 20. Now accepting all major credit cards.

Welcome to Vintage Roost
Welcome to Vintage Roost, a little boutique where you will find Studio Meringue creations!

Something New From The Studio

These would be a great little Wedding gift! Priced at $6.00 for a pair.

Luggage Tags
His & Her Luggage Tags


Luggage Tag Close Up
Luggage Tag Close Up "Mr."


Luggage Tag Close Up
Luggage Tag Close Up "Mrs."

The tags below are sold separately for $3.00 each.

Old Airplane Schematic
Old Airplane Schematic
Travel Definition Tag
Travel Definition Tag, Front and Back
Japanese Tooth Brushes
Japanese Tooth Brushes Tag. Would be fun attached to a Make-up Bag.


May Opening At Vintage Roost Comes to a Close

May 26th & 27th is the last weekend that Vintage Roost will be open, until July. Open this Friday and Saturday from 10:00 – 5:00, don’t miss seeing this beautiful little shop. I promise, that if you take a moment and stop by you’ll find it a wonderful little respite in your busy day.

Located in North Albany at 935 NW Scenic Dr. it’s just 1/2 mi. off Hwy 20.

Vintage Roost Entrance

Behind the Roost
Don't miss going around the side of Vintage Roost!

Inside Vintage Roost


Here are the Father’s Day cards I’ve made and have available this weekend.

Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon
Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon. I took this photo in February of this year.
Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon
Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon Another photo from the same day in February.
Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon
Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon I took this photo in 2011. Wishing Father's a Happy Day in one of my favorite type styles, "Carpenter."

Debbie at Vintage Roost mentioned that “pink” things were selling well this month, so I kept that in mind when I made these cards.

Happy Birthday
I was driving down 5th Street here in Albany last week and spied these beautiful pink roses. No one answered the door at the home of these beauties, so I snapped a few photos and quickly left...
While on vacation, we came upon a beautiful rose garden out in the desert of Nevada. Stopping for lunch in Beatty, I captured some of them to bring home!
Andromeda, Pieris Japonica
Andromeda, Peiris Japonica Interesting name for a beautiful bush that is a brilliant mix of pinks in the Spring.
Blue Bellflowers
Blue Bellflowers in my backyard

I also made some postcards from my photos. These are stamped and mail ready. Quickly jot down a hello, and drop in the mail. You will positively brighten someone’s day!

View from Jerome, AZ   I have a fascination with old postcards. Especially the ones that have been colored by hand. This postcard is a photo I took while on vacation in Arizona last month. We visited the town of Jerome, which sits on a hill side. This photo was taken from the window of an old hotel that is now an art shop. I’ve used a filter during the printing process that gives it a hand colored look.

View from Jerome, AZ
View from Jerome, AZ Printed with a "grainy yesteryear" look.
Postcard Rose
Postcard Rose
Postcard Rose
Postcard Rose Printed with an old-time grainy look.


Postcard Rose
Postcard Rose
Postcard Peony
Postcard Peony
Back of Postcard
Back of Postcards Stamped, ready for your note, and to be dropped in the mail!

Thank you for stopping by my website. If you can’t make it out to Vintage Roost, remember that you can always “ring me up” and make a purchase by clicking on the “contact” button above….


I’ve Got A Thing For Galvanized!

I’ve been trying to come up with ways to use my photos in ways other than on cards. I love galvanized metal and have been driving Larry crazy with a collection of old metal buckets. I’ll find a use for them sometime!  Anyways, my brother works with metal and so I asked him to cut out some 4″ tall and 2 3/8″ wide tags for me. After treating them with a solution of vinegar and salt to give them a galvanized patina, I made them into ornaments!  Only $3.50 each, they can be used to adorn anything you choose!

Some of these will be available at Vintage Roost starting this Friday and Saturday.

Galvanized Metal Tags
Galvanized Metal Tags, 4" tall x 2 3/8 Wide. Fit in an envelope to mail as a gift, or hang anywhere you want to be reminded of the beauty of nature!
View of Reverse
View Of Reverse Side

Below are a few pieces in my galvanized collection…. (not for sale, giggle)  Some pieces are inside worthy, but the buckets I have to keep out in the garage!

Just a few pieces...

Studio Meringue Cards Available The Month of May At Vintage Roost

Vintage Roost is open May 4th – May 26th, Fridays and Saturdays from 10am – 5pm. This enchanting little shop is located in North Albany at 935 NW Scenic Dr. just 1/2 mi. off Hwy 20.

Handmade gifts for the Home and Garden, Antiques, Collectables, Fresh Baked Goods and more. I have a line of Mother’s Day cards available this weekend and next. Then I’ll have Father’s Day cards the last two weekends, plus some new items from my Studio! Below are a few photos taken at the Roost, of the May Opening!

Inside the Roost
Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls Await Your Arrival!
This Cupboard Is Not Bare
This Cupboard Is Not Bare. I spy a Studio Meringue "Bee" Birthday Card...
Scent of Roses
Scent of Roses & Soaps, A Dream Come True....
Pillows & Painted Signs
Pillows & Painted Signs
Red, White & Blue
American Spirit At Vintage Roost...

A sampling of Studio Meringue cards available at the Vintage Roost.

I took this Rose photo at a flower market. I like how it has a heart shape to it...
This is an Amaryllis I grew at Christmas. I used a polarizing filter to get the look that it's glowing from the inside....
To me this is one of the most photogenic flowers, the Ranunculus. I LOVE taking photos of them!
Tulips from the flower market. Aged filter with a greeting in the font style "Cezanne"
Ranunculus Too
Ranunculus Too...
Chyrsanthemums With Soft Edges...


These are just a few of the cards I have at Vintage Roost this weekend. Every week there will be new and different card images available. Plus a couple of new products that are brand new creations from my Studio…. And remember, if you can’t make it to the Roost, send me an email and we can get together for a private showing!

Until next week!

Thank you for visiting, Florence

Spring & Easter Greetings

Daffodils at the Wooden Shoe Tulip farm in Woodburn, Oregon
Daffodil bouquet from a neighbor.
Rose in a bouquet at a flower market.
Orchid Bud
An orchid I've had since about 2005 is blooming for just the second time since 2005, and both times within 6 months of each other.
Spring Miniature Daffodil
The second day of Spring this year came with a blanket of 5 inches of snow! This Miniature Daffodil in my yard has a cap of icy snow.
Spring is time for chicks at the Coastal Farm Supply store! It also happened to be "Peanut Days" where there were barrels of unshelled peanuts in the store to snack on. Throw the shells on the floor, of course!
What a beautiful salmon color on the Corona of this Daffodil. A bouquet from a neighbor.
Tulips to wish you Easter Greetings.
I LOVE Ranunculus. What a wonderfully photogenic flower. Happy Spring!


Gerbera Daisy
Full color Gerbera Daisy bringing Easter greetings.
Roses in a bouquet at the flower market.
Easter is a time for Lilies, this one brings Blessings to the receiver in a sepia tone.
Gerbera Daisy
A second Gerbera Daisy Easter Greeting with an aged tone.
Pink Hydrangea with a grainy filter for an old fashioned feel.
First flower of Spring, the purple Crocus has a beautiful orange stigmata hidden in its middle.
Easter Lily
White Easter Lily

The next opening of Vintage Roost will be May 4th, so these Easter images will only be available directly from me.

The May opening of Vintage Roost will feature Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Spring image cards. And always Birthday and Wedding cards.

Thank you for visiting my site!

Florence at Studio Meringue

Last Weekend For Valentine’s At Vintage Roost

Bumblebee Mine
Bumblebee Mine On An Old Song Sheet

Here are just a couple of the new cards I will have available this weekend at Vintage Roost. This will be the last 2 days that Vintage Roost will be open until the opening before Mother’s Day. Hours are 10-5 on Friday & Saturday, Feb. 10th & 11th. The shop is filled with wonderful gifts, cards, posies and sweets.

Wedding Roses
A variety of Wedding cards are available to get you ready for any 2012 Weddings you'll attend..



Today At Vintage Roost

Today was the first day of Vintage Roost’s Valentine show. I stopped by to look at all the sweet items for sale and took some photos to share with you.

Walking down the drive, heading to Vintage Roost
Front door greeting
Once inside.... yummies!
Pretty wool hearts
Through the hanging window, a peek at Studio Meringue's cards!
Some Studio Meringue "Bee" cards take part in a Vintage Roost vignette...

In Celebration of Hearts; Valentine’s Day

You are invited!

I will have my new series of Valentine cards for sale at Vintage Roost in February.  Sending Valentine cards is a wonderful way to surprise someone who is special in your life and when you just don’t find enough time to tell them how you feel. I thought that along with photos of my new cards for this holiday, that I would include a couple of sentiments that you could use to write inside your cards.

This Valentine arrives to say that you will always hold a special place in my heart!

Your friendship is tucked into my heart like a Valentine! Happy Valentine’s Day.

New Size Page Marker
I am making a new size of page marker. It fits inside my cards for mailing! Each side features a heart themed photo with some added fun items to make them just a little more interesting.   $4.00
2 3/4 x 6" Page Markers with a Valentine Theme
Using heart shapes found in nature, these Page Marker photos will bring smiles.
Embellished Conversation Hearts
“Conversation Hearts” Another in the Valentine series of Page Markers, this is a front and back view.
Snowbound Heart Greeting
“Snowbound Heart” A heart shaped stone in my garden, caught in a light snowfall, makes a sweet Valentine Wish.
Jar of Candy Hearts
“Jar of Candy Hearts” Filled with sweet sentiments.
"Shades of Pink"
“Shades of Pink”…. A few years ago I was shopping at IKEA in Portland with girlfriends and I took a shot of these lit lanterns. They are all white in color, but with a little Valentine pastel colors in mind I colored them.
Snowy Be Mine
“Snowy Be Mine” Stone from my garden with a different sentiment. This font style is named Compendium, I love it!
Date Bee
“Date Bee” I created this bumble bee and hand painted it onto burlap. “Bee Mine in 2012!”
Recycled Glass Hearts
“Hearts in Glass” These wired hearts were a gift from a friend. They were made by artisans in rural Ghana.
Amaryllis Heart
“Amaryllis Heart” Christmas 2010 I grew this Amaryllis, and as I looked at it from above I noticed that the blossoms made heart shapes. This card was available last Valentine’s Day, and this year it comes back with a Valentine greeting on the front.
Bumble Bee Silhoutte
“Bumble Bee Silhouette” This Bumble Bee card will be available with a “Happy Birthday” sentiment also.
Heart Rocks
“Heart Rocks” These are just a few of the rocks I’ve collected that, to me, are heart shaped. I say “to me” because my husband teases me in saying I’m stretching it sometimes. 🙂
Dahlia Hearts
“Dahlia Hearts” This card sold out last Valentine’s Day at Vintage Roost. It’s back and has taken on a vintage grain look and now says “Valentine Wishes.”
You're My Type
“You’re My Type” Vintage typewriter key Valentine greeting! This card will also be available with a Birthday sentiment.
Wedding Wishes
“Wedding Wishes” Just one of a selection of Wedding Greeting cards available for upcoming Wedding Days.

When you click on any image, it will enlarge for a better view.

Thank you for coming by and seeing my new creations! Have a wonderful Winter in anticipation of Spring!