Hello, and welcome!  I am Florence Allen and along with my friend Trent Bingham, we started creating Studio Meringue in 2007.  Our plans were to purchase a Chandler & Price letterpress and create custom greeting cards.  We chose the word Meringue because we both love to bake and thought maybe we could incorporate that into our business in the future! But I was diagnosed with Leukemia and we had to put our business plans on hold.  By the time I was in remission long enough to entertain the possibility of starting up again Trent and his wife were on to different adventures in life. He is still a big part of my life and the studio as he helps me understand the website he created for me and he is another creative mind that I can get inspiration from.

Studio Meringue has since evolved into a handmade greeting card studio using my photography and vintage graphics.

My cards are sold out of my studio all year long, you’ll find all the meaningful holidays made into cards to send (plus a few other fun sundries!) Email me for a date to come over, I’ll have the tea kettle on when you get here.

My cards are also sold at a little shop in North Albany called Vintage Roost. Debbie Williams owns Vintage Roost and opens her shop 5 times a year. Open a couple of Fridays & Saturdays in February, May, July, September & December, the address is 935 NW Scenic Dr. Albany, OR

Everyone enjoys receiving a card from a friend in the mail. The mailbox is a place where we go most everyday in hopes of finding an envelope that we recognize as a personal message from a friend or relative. It makes me so happy when I’m creating sweet things that bring a little joy into the lives of others.

Hopefully Studio Meringue provides you with the little things that simply bring a bit of joy to loved ones.