Springtime at Vintage Roost

Vintage Roost will be open for its Mother’s Day and Spring sale starting this week.

Debbie will have her shop open on Fridays & Saturdays, May 3rd through May 18th 10:00am – 5:00pm. The address is 935 Scenic Dr. in North Albany off Highway 20. Visit the Vintage Roost Facebook page for enchanting photos of the Roost (The Vintage Roost llc)

If you’d prefer to order directly from me that’s wonderful too! Just call, text or email me! My email is located under the “Place your Request” and “Contact” tabs.

I have so many different designs for Spring! I’m most excited about something new I’ve created called “Journal Note Pockets.”

These pockets are printed with beautiful designs on both sides of a heavier weight paper . Pull the tab from the top pocket to reveal a card to write a note or sentiment on, or give blank for your recipient to write on. Remove the paper clip and unfold to enjoy the beautiful paper inside the pocket. These are for any occasion unless I’ve placed a celebration label on the front side. They are $15.00 each.

You may click on each photo to get a larger view, then hit the back arrow to resume.

Next is a selection of my Mother’s Day cards. These cards are $4.00 & $5.00 each

Here are cards I created to celebrate Spring! You could send them for any occasion. A couple of Birthday cards are also pictured.

I’m very excited to offer my Blank Journals again. I think I might have been a book binder in another life, I LOVE hand or machine sewing book pages together! My handmade blank paper journals feature blank coffee stained paper pages to write on. I may have bound in a surprise map page, a printed piece of vellum or an old book page along the way. Here are some suggested uses I’ve come up for using a blank paper journal:

  • Mindfulness
  • Gratitude’s
  • Memories
  • Achievements
  • Tasks
  • Verses
  • Resolutions
  • Project Journal
  • Sketches
  • Addresses
  • Big Ideas
  • Ramblings
  • Garden Notes
  • Quotes
  • Drawing Maps
  • Odd Notions
  • Travel Journal
  • Roadtrip Mileage
  • Lyrics
  • Autographs

Contact me through my “Place your request” or “Contact” tabs above.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Springtime post!

Thank you for stopping by, Florence

Valentine 2024

The ice storm came at a good time for me this year. I spent 5 days in my studio creating Valentine cards to sell at Vintage Roost in February. Debbie will have her shop open on Fridays and Saturdays, February 2 & 3, 9 & 10. 10:00am until 5:00pm. The address is 935 Scenic Dr. in North Albany off Highway 20. If you’d prefer to order directly from me that’s wonderful too! Just call, text or email me! My email is located under the “Place your Request” tab.

A lot of my designs have been influenced by the “Junk Journal” phase happening at the moment. If you type those words into YouTube you’ll see lots of videos on creating junk journals. My cards are creations of just one page of a junk journal, something that you can send in the mail for the price of postage stamps!! Each card is blank inside so you can write your very own sentiment.

Below is a gallery of 25 of the cards I’ve made, I have many more designs. Prices are only $4.00 & $5.00 per card. Clicking on a photo enlarges it.

Here are some of my Studio Meringue Birthday Cards!!

Thank you for visiting Studio Meringue! Florence

Spring Cards from the Studio

Spring is trying hard to make an appearance, so I’ve been in the my studio these past few weeks making cards and blank journals that have sun, seed envelopes, flowers and spring all over them. Mother’s Day is in a couple of weeks and I have made some pretty cards to send Mom. Celebrate Spring by sending a card to a friend in the mail, it’s always so fun to receive something personal in the mail!! You can always buy directly from me, I mail cards protected in a small box, or for friends that live close, you are invited to come by my studio! But if you want to go shopping in the cutest shop in our little country area, Vintage Roost will be opening next week.

Debbie at Vintage Roost will have her shops (she now has two little shops next to each other!) open Fridays and Saturdays 10-5 on April 29-30, May 6-7, and May 13-14. Vintage Roost is located: 935 NW Scenic Drive in North Albany.

A few of my cards in a Vintage Roost vignette

My cards are made from my photographs and from vintage graphics. I apply them to white or brown Kraft paper stationery. I use recycled brown bags as covers for my blank journals. The blank pages in my journals are cut from recycled stationery. And sometimes you’ll find a rubber stamp applied for just a last touch.

For Mother’s Day here are a few of my creations:

Sometimes when a blossom is spent it is still photogenic! I’ve got a collection of spent blossom photos that I’ve been wanting to find a way to use. When I found this illustration of a Peony I was able to use one of my pink Peony photos as a background.

Next are my Spring creations:

This is a card that could be sent any time you want to say hello! It is a collage card containing photos I took and other added ephemera. A seed packet with the title “Songbird Delight” gave me the inspiration for this series of cards.
This orange-belted bumble bee was enjoying my Scabiosa – Pin Cushion flower last Spring.

Next is a collection of cards I created using my photos and a replica of a vintage seed envelope just like the ones that would have been for sale in this 1930’s & 40’s display box.

I bought this 1930’s seed envelope display box years ago at Antiques in the Streets in downtown Albany. It will be at Vintage Roost this season to display my cards! It was built by the Ferry Seed Company and was used as a store display. The lid has directions on how the merchant should set up the display and where to put it in their store for maximum visibility and sales. In this photo, the box is sitting on top of a shelf, the box itself doesn’t have legs. When I bought the box it was missing the seed trays, so my brother Wade made 4 trays for me out of galvanized metal and fashioned a way to hang them on the hangers that were original to the box. He did a fantastic job.
The seed envelope above is a photo of an original “Ferry’s Seeds” envelope. The Ferry Company started in 1856, years later Ferry became Ferry-Morse Seeds and is still selling seed today.
These are Cosmos in Monet’s Garden, I took this photo when I was in France and on a tour of Giverny.

Below are just two of my blank journals for Spring. Priced at just $8.50 they are a sweet homemade gift to give. Made with recycled brown bags and stationery and bound together with my sewing machine. They come with a brand new pencil.

I love sewing on paper.

Thank you for taking the time to look at the latest things from Studio Meringue!!

Happy Spring, Florence

Valentine’s at The Vintage Roost

Here is your invitation to:

The Sweetest Valentine Show Around!

At The Vintage Roost Seasonal Gift Shop

935 NW Scenic Dr., ½ mile off of Hwy 20 in North Albany, OR 97321

Seasonal hours: Fridays & Saturdays

February 5th, 6th & 12th, 13th 10-5pm

The shop will be filled with wonderful hand-fashioned gifts as well as
antiques, collectibles, great finds, Belgian Chocolates & fresh baked goods.

The perfect venue to find something uniquely special
for your friends and loved ones!

We have gifts to adorn yourself, your home & your garden!

We hope you’ll have an opportunity to come and enjoy a visit to The Valentine Roost!

Modifications: There will be some show modifications in order to follow retail shopping covid restrictions,

Such as: limiting the number of customers in the shop at one time, requiring that masks be worn properly at all times, providing hand-sanitizer…

There will be some shelter provided outside (please dress accordingly) if you need to wait for space to become available in the shop.

And don’t forget to check out our new ‘Shop Around The Corner’ that will be open for the Valentine Show!

Hot Cocoa will be available while you wait.

We are so excited to see you again and we want to thank you in advance for your patience!

Another Important Note: for those of you who do not feel comfortable shopping even with the limited capacity of customers, we would be more than happy to arrange a time for you to shop by yourself or maybe in a group of your own friends/family.

Let me know if this something you would like to arrange and I’ll put you in contact with Debbie, the owner of The Vintage Roost.

Spring & Mother’s Day @ Vintage Roost 2018


Vintage Roost opens May 4th for four (wow, that’s a lot of 4’s) weekends in May, open Friday & Saturday, 10-5 pm each of those weeks. Debbie’s little shop – set in the woods – will be packed with delightful gifts for Spring. I have a selection of my Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Wedding and other cards, plus some handmade blank journals for sale. Vintage Roost is at 935 NW Scenic Dr, Albany, OR.

Click on photos if you want a closer view!


Blank Journals

My handmade blank journals are a sweet little gift for Mom at just $8.50 each. They measure a little bigger than 6″ x 8″ and could be used for Gardening Notes, Grocery Lists, as a Travel Journal, Odd Notions, Drawing Maps, Ramblings, Big Ideas, Sketches, as a Project Journal, or  for “to do” lists.

Some journals feature a photo I’ve taken, all are bound together with my sewing machine and are made with covers of recycled brown kraft paper bags. Each journal has plenty of pages to fill up! And each has a little pocket to tuck things into.

You’ll also find: Birthday, Thinking of You, Wedding and Spring time Art Journal cards for all those occasions where you want to show someone how special and important they are to your life!

This Art Journal Card is an old seed package sewn onto recycled brown paper and place on a card ready to delight someone in the mail.

Luggage Tags. Each tag has a reverse side to fill out with your information.


And in the works for Father’s Day! Plus finished cards waiting for delivery to Vintage Roost in the weeks to come!


Thank you for coming to my Studio Meringue website. If you can’t make it to Vintage Roost you can always order directly from me! Have a wonderful Spring, Love Florence

Studio Meringue @ Vintage Roost’s Christmas!

I’ve been busy in the Studio creating some sweet new Christmas and Seasonal greeting cards, luggage tags and gift enclosure cards! My designs are going to be available at Vintage Roost. Plus I’ve packaged up 10 of my past Christmas cards in a pretty bundle for just $10.00!! All ready for your Christmas Card writing and mailing. Click on the photos to get a closer view.

Cards ready to personalize with your Christmas message and mail! 10 Beautiful Handmade Cards for $10.00
Cards ready to personalize with your Christmas message and mail! 10 Beautiful Handmade Cards for $10.00

Below are just 6 of my new photo designs for this Christmas Season.

New Christmas designs for this year.
New Christmas designs for this year.

Gift Enclosure Tags

Gift Tags
Gift Tags

Hope you can visit “A Vintage Christmas” Open House at Vintage Roost.Vintage Roost: 935 NW Scenic Dr. 1/2 mile off Highway 20 after you cross the Willamette River out of Downtown Albany and are heading towards Corvallis.

Saturday, Nov 19th- Dec 3rd. Open Fridays & Saturdays only, 10-5
Please take a stroll down the Roost’s tree lined drive for Holiday Cheer, Hand-Fashioned Gifts, Baked Goods & Fresh Greens…The shop is Merry just for you!
Customer appreciation open house Friday, Nov 18th from 3-6pm

If you can’t make it to the Vintage Roost you can always come by my Studio to make a purchase or I’ll mail or deliver to your door.

Happy Holidays from the Studio on Stone Ridge!


Spring & Mother’s Day 2016 @ Vintage Roost

Vintage Roost opens this Friday and is filled with wonderfully enchanting things for Spring and Mother’s Day!

Dates: Fridays & Saturdays, April 30 – May 21,  10-5pm

Address: 935 NW Scenic Dr. 1/2 mile off Highway 20 after you cross the Willamette River out of Downtown Albany and are heading towards Corvallis.

My Studio Meringue will have greeting cards, luggage tags and hand made blank journal books for sale.

Flower market Roses, Mother's Day card
Flower market Roses, Mother’s Day card

Matching Luggage tag. Tuck a tag into your Greeting Card envelope and wish your Mom happy travels.

Rose Luggage Tag
Rose Luggage Tag

Old time photo frame around "Plumes."
Old time photo frame around “Plumes.”

Dress Form Mother's Day Greetings
Dress Form Mother’s Day Greetings

Hand-tinted Egg in a Nest
Hand-tinted Egg in a Nest

Hand-tinted Egg in a Nest
Hand-tinted Egg in a Nest

Oriental Poppy
Oriental Poppy

Dew covered Lilacs
Dew covered Lilacs

Tulips For Mom
Tulips For Mom

Happy Mother's Day Heart Tart Card. (Say that 3 times fast!)
Happy Mother’s Day Heart Tart Card. (Say that 3 times fast!)

Journey Luggage Tag. Photo of an 1800's map hanging in the Albany Fire Department Museum!
Journey Luggage Tag. Photo of an 1800’s map hanging in the Albany Fire Department Museum!

Blank Journals, pencil included! Use ideas: Grocery lists, Doodles, Odd Notions, Travel Journal, Big ideas!
Blank Journals, pencil included! Use ideas: Grocery lists, Doodles, Odd Notions, Travel Journal, Big ideas!

His and Her Luggage Tags. Make a nice Wedding Gift tie-on.
His and Her Luggage Tags. These make a nice Wedding Gift tie-on.


Valentine’s Day 2016

Vintage Roost is going to be open for Valentine’s Day inspired gifts and sweet things Fridays & Saturdays, 10:00 – 5:00, February 5, 6, 12, 13. My Studio Meringue will have cards, postcards and luggage tags for sale. Below is the Vintage Roost announcement followed by photos of a small selection of Valentine Card designs I’ll have at the Roost, along with Luggage Tags and Postcards. I will also have Birthday and Wedding Cards available!

Click on any image to see a larger version.


If you can’t make a trip to Vintage Roost, you may always contact me directly for personal service and purchasing. Thanks!!



Luggage Tags.  Postcards ready to stamp and mail, sending Valentine wishes!

untitled-7931 untitled-7930 untitled-7935 untitled-8194 untitled-8193

untitled-8192untitled-8189untitled-8188 untitled-8198

My Greeting Cards cost $3.00, Postcards are $2.00 and Luggage Tags are $3.00 each.

Send me a message using the “Contact” tab at the top of this page, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

You are in my heart, Florence


Sweet Thoughts For Your Valentine 2015

February 7th, 2015

I have some new card designs for Valentine’s Day this year. We recently moved into a home built on 2 acres that we bought in June 2011. While out exploring with my camera in hand, I came across a few heart shaped mushrooms. Recipients of a card featuring fungus will know that it was given in good “nature” as a symbol of friendship and love!  These and many other cards are available through me and at Vintage Roost this weekend and next.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Antique Look "Love" Tags
Antique Look “Love” Tags

Conversation Hearts

Valentine Tulips in Pink

“Be Mine” Rose

Heart Shaped Pink Hydrangea

Say “Be Mine” With a Pink Ranunculus


Boletus in Love!

Heart Shaped Cup Fungi

Sweet Little Heart Mushrooms Growing on a Tree Branch

Branch Mushroom Close-Up

These cute little bookmarks are just $4 and can be mailed inside one of my Valentine Cards.

Send your Valentine a greeting by Postcard! Just add your note, stamp and pop in the mail! Just $2.00

Ornaments made with a Studio Meringue photo. Use as a gift tag or hang on a door knob. Tags just $3.50


Christmas at Vintage Roost

I’ll have my Christmas cards at Vintage Roost again this season. Vintage Roost will be open for the Holidays on Fridays and Saturdays from November 22nd – December 13th. Here are just a few of the cards I’ll have for sale this season.

Winter Birthday Wishes


These Luggage Tags would make a nice gift or tie-on, on top of a package.


Have a wonderful holiday season!