Valentine 2024

The ice storm came at a good time for me this year. I spent 5 days in my studio creating Valentine cards to sell at Vintage Roost in February. Debbie will have her shop open on Fridays and Saturdays, February 2 & 3, 9 & 10. 10:00am until 5:00pm. The address is 935 Scenic Dr. in North Albany off Highway 20. If you’d prefer to order directly from me that’s wonderful too! Just call, text or email me! My email is located under the “Place your Request” tab.

A lot of my designs have been influenced by the “Junk Journal” phase happening at the moment. If you type those words into YouTube you’ll see lots of videos on creating junk journals. My cards are creations of just one page of a junk journal, something that you can send in the mail for the price of postage stamps!! Each card is blank inside so you can write your very own sentiment.

Below is a gallery of 25 of the cards I’ve made, I have many more designs. Prices are only $4.00 & $5.00 per card. Clicking on a photo enlarges it.

Here are some of my Studio Meringue Birthday Cards!!

Thank you for visiting Studio Meringue! Florence

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