In Celebration of Hearts; Valentine’s Day

You are invited!

I will have my new series of Valentine cards for sale at Vintage Roost in February.  Sending Valentine cards is a wonderful way to surprise someone who is special in your life and when you just don’t find enough time to tell them how you feel. I thought that along with photos of my new cards for this holiday, that I would include a couple of sentiments that you could use to write inside your cards.

This Valentine arrives to say that you will always hold a special place in my heart!

Your friendship is tucked into my heart like a Valentine! Happy Valentine’s Day.

New Size Page Marker
I am making a new size of page marker. It fits inside my cards for mailing! Each side features a heart themed photo with some added fun items to make them just a little more interesting.   $4.00
2 3/4 x 6" Page Markers with a Valentine Theme
Using heart shapes found in nature, these Page Marker photos will bring smiles.
Embellished Conversation Hearts
“Conversation Hearts” Another in the Valentine series of Page Markers, this is a front and back view.
Snowbound Heart Greeting
“Snowbound Heart” A heart shaped stone in my garden, caught in a light snowfall, makes a sweet Valentine Wish.
Jar of Candy Hearts
“Jar of Candy Hearts” Filled with sweet sentiments.
"Shades of Pink"
“Shades of Pink”…. A few years ago I was shopping at IKEA in Portland with girlfriends and I took a shot of these lit lanterns. They are all white in color, but with a little Valentine pastel colors in mind I colored them.
Snowy Be Mine
“Snowy Be Mine” Stone from my garden with a different sentiment. This font style is named Compendium, I love it!
Date Bee
“Date Bee” I created this bumble bee and hand painted it onto burlap. “Bee Mine in 2012!”
Recycled Glass Hearts
“Hearts in Glass” These wired hearts were a gift from a friend. They were made by artisans in rural Ghana.
Amaryllis Heart
“Amaryllis Heart” Christmas 2010 I grew this Amaryllis, and as I looked at it from above I noticed that the blossoms made heart shapes. This card was available last Valentine’s Day, and this year it comes back with a Valentine greeting on the front.
Bumble Bee Silhoutte
“Bumble Bee Silhouette” This Bumble Bee card will be available with a “Happy Birthday” sentiment also.
Heart Rocks
“Heart Rocks” These are just a few of the rocks I’ve collected that, to me, are heart shaped. I say “to me” because my husband teases me in saying I’m stretching it sometimes. 🙂
Dahlia Hearts
“Dahlia Hearts” This card sold out last Valentine’s Day at Vintage Roost. It’s back and has taken on a vintage grain look and now says “Valentine Wishes.”
You're My Type
“You’re My Type” Vintage typewriter key Valentine greeting! This card will also be available with a Birthday sentiment.
Wedding Wishes
“Wedding Wishes” Just one of a selection of Wedding Greeting cards available for upcoming Wedding Days.

When you click on any image, it will enlarge for a better view.

Thank you for coming by and seeing my new creations! Have a wonderful Winter in anticipation of Spring!


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