Valentine’s Day 2014!

It’s a day dedicated to showing your love and affection to friends and family. February 14th. And Vintage Roost wants to help you show that love by offering items crafted with love during its Valentine Open House this month. This is your invitation to visit Debbie’s sweet little shop in the country where my Studio Meringue will have Valentine cards available for you.

Where: The Vintage Roost

Seasonal Hours: Fridays & Saturdays, January 31st, February 1st, 7th & 8th, 10-5pm

935 NW Scenic Dr. 1/2 miles off Hwy 20 in North Albany

All major credit cards accepted!

Below is a look at a lot of the cards I’ll have available at Vintage Roost during its opening for the next two weekends.  All my photos are printed by me, using the highest quality matte finished photo paper and inks. The paper is not glossy with a matte pattern printed on top of it to tone down the gloss, it’s paper formulated to accept the ink in a way that makes my photos look like little pieces of art!  If my photo contains a flower, I print its name on the back of the card. When the card features a landscape, I print where the photo was taken on the back. I’m excited about some of the heart shapes I found in nature this last year to use in some of the cards you will see in this post. I hope that you will enjoy them and if you can’t make it to Vintage Roost you can always call or email me direct to purchase a card.  Thank you!

Baby Hearts
This is a photo I took at Vintage Roost during last February’s Open House
Above SE Oregon
From about 10,000 feet above SE Oregon I spotted these hills that made heart shapes in the landscape!
Pansies & Nastursiums
Pansies & Nasturtiums


This Amaryllis made heart is one of my most popular photos. This year it comes back to say “Be Mine”
Love Bench
I took this photo at Vintage Roost during last year’s Valentine Open House.
The name Pansy is derived from the French word pensée “thought.” These were growing along Bay St. in Florence, Ore.
Glenda Marie Rose
This Rose is the “Glenda Marie” named after a friend of mine that passed away too soon.
Candy Tuft
Also known as Iberis, its negative space gave me a heart!
I had a card like this available last year and it sold out, this one is updated with a new rocks.
Another version of the Amaryllis heart.
This sweet dusty pink yarrow presented itself as a heart.
This sweet dusty pink Yarrow presented itself as a heart shape in the sun on my porch.
I picked this little "Spotty" variety of Dianthus in my yard and put it in a little blue bottle. It's petal say's be mine!
I picked this little “Spotty” variety of Dianthus in my yard and put it in a little blue bottle. Its little petal grew a heart shape!
A store bought bouquet of Roses wrapped in a sheet of plastic made this beautiful photo.
Wild Iris
Last spring Larry brought this Wild Iris home to me from our property.
Wild Iris
Same Wild Iris Larry gave me but photographed studio style!
Heart Rock
I spotted this heart shaped rock in the driveway of our 2 acres. Look closely, it’s asking you to “Be Mine.”
Heart Stone
Same photo, just a close up!
Happy Valentine’s Day Amaryllis.
Beaver Tail Cactus
While visiting friends in Arizona I spotted this heart shape, it’s a Beaver Tail Cactus.
Saguaro Cactus
During the same visit with friends in AZ., on a walk, I noticed that the bird nest hole in this Saguaro was heart shaped.

My last card in this post is a little out of my “ordinary”…. but it’s a heart!

Origami Heart
My second attempt at the art of Origami.

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