I’ve Got A Thing For Galvanized!

I’ve been trying to come up with ways to use my photos in ways other than on cards. I love galvanized metal and have been driving Larry crazy with a collection of old metal buckets. I’ll find a use for them sometime!  Anyways, my brother works with metal and so I asked him to cut out some 4″ tall and 2 3/8″ wide tags for me. After treating them with a solution of vinegar and salt to give them a galvanized patina, I made them into ornaments!  Only $3.50 each, they can be used to adorn anything you choose!

Some of these will be available at Vintage Roost starting this Friday and Saturday.

Galvanized Metal Tags
Galvanized Metal Tags, 4" tall x 2 3/8 Wide. Fit in an envelope to mail as a gift, or hang anywhere you want to be reminded of the beauty of nature!
View of Reverse
View Of Reverse Side

Below are a few pieces in my galvanized collection…. (not for sale, giggle)  Some pieces are inside worthy, but the buckets I have to keep out in the garage!

Just a few pieces...

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