May Opening At Vintage Roost Comes to a Close

May 26th & 27th is the last weekend that Vintage Roost will be open, until July. Open this Friday and Saturday from 10:00 – 5:00, don’t miss seeing this beautiful little shop. I promise, that if you take a moment and stop by you’ll find it a wonderful little respite in your busy day.

Located in North Albany at 935 NW Scenic Dr. it’s just 1/2 mi. off Hwy 20.

Vintage Roost Entrance

Behind the Roost
Don't miss going around the side of Vintage Roost!

Inside Vintage Roost


Here are the Father’s Day cards I’ve made and have available this weekend.

Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon
Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon. I took this photo in February of this year.
Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon
Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon Another photo from the same day in February.
Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon
Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon I took this photo in 2011. Wishing Father's a Happy Day in one of my favorite type styles, "Carpenter."

Debbie at Vintage Roost mentioned that “pink” things were selling well this month, so I kept that in mind when I made these cards.

Happy Birthday
I was driving down 5th Street here in Albany last week and spied these beautiful pink roses. No one answered the door at the home of these beauties, so I snapped a few photos and quickly left...
While on vacation, we came upon a beautiful rose garden out in the desert of Nevada. Stopping for lunch in Beatty, I captured some of them to bring home!
Andromeda, Pieris Japonica
Andromeda, Peiris Japonica Interesting name for a beautiful bush that is a brilliant mix of pinks in the Spring.
Blue Bellflowers
Blue Bellflowers in my backyard

I also made some postcards from my photos. These are stamped and mail ready. Quickly jot down a hello, and drop in the mail. You will positively brighten someone’s day!

View from Jerome, AZ   I have a fascination with old postcards. Especially the ones that have been colored by hand. This postcard is a photo I took while on vacation in Arizona last month. We visited the town of Jerome, which sits on a hill side. This photo was taken from the window of an old hotel that is now an art shop. I’ve used a filter during the printing process that gives it a hand colored look.

View from Jerome, AZ
View from Jerome, AZ Printed with a "grainy yesteryear" look.
Postcard Rose
Postcard Rose
Postcard Rose
Postcard Rose Printed with an old-time grainy look.


Postcard Rose
Postcard Rose
Postcard Peony
Postcard Peony
Back of Postcard
Back of Postcards Stamped, ready for your note, and to be dropped in the mail!

Thank you for stopping by my website. If you can’t make it out to Vintage Roost, remember that you can always “ring me up” and make a purchase by clicking on the “contact” button above….